Is there a possibility to keep skins of trophy weapon?

Right now there is a cool thing, when you loot a weapon from a body it keeps it's skin. For example< If Orlok loots the Goliaf sword, in Orloks hands it keeps looking like Goliaf sword and it is pretty cool, it makes the band look more personalised, write its own history. But when you finishes the battle, the skin changes to your bands skin, Goliaf swod changes to default Orlok ones. And it is sad.
Is there any way to keep the skins of trophy weapons? To make Goliafs or Eshers weapon keep looking like Goliafs and Eshers even in other hands after the battle too?

Wait, really? I never notcied this.... Or do you mean if you equip looted weapons in the field? I dont think the items are distinguished once they enter your stash...