On what platform did the bug occur?
Xbox One X with USB HDD for storage

On which Game mode did the bug occur?

If the bug occurred during a mission, what Objective and Map were you playing on?
Recover the Data tablets on the map with the giant ammo shells.

What were you doing before reproducing the bug?
Used a Neuro Inhibitors on all 4 fighters, then extracted next turn. Decisive Victory, but "lost" because i could extract 5 Databanks (I'm trying 4 lay-Mechs as a Pit Slave gang and they cant carry 2 each.

Were you able to reproduce the issue multiple time ? If so, does it occur all the time (100%)?
Wont waste any more neuro inhibitors until I see they are fixed so i wont reproduce.

For each bug reported, it would be highly appreciated if you can share any of the files below with us.
On Xbox - No logs or screenshots

If the game crashed/closed to desktop, here are the additional files needed (+ the one above) that will help us fix the bugs.
Cant get, on Xbox One X