PC / Boltguns and Heavy Bolters are not in the Loot pool / in the equipment pool of rival gangs.

Boltguns and Heavy Bolters (which feature in the Story missions) never appear in the shop, on enemies, or as random drops. Bolt pistols do however.

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Hi there, could you tell me in which difficulty you are playing?
Also, some equipments are rarer than others and more difficult to find 😉

We will investigate in our side to see if there is a problem or if you had no luck ^^

EDIT: Thank you for your replay!

I only play the highest one, because the AI has severe issues to up the challenge at least a bit. (deadly)

alt text

As you can see here, the shop is also bugged and only offers T1 / T2 equip.

Even from T10 loot crates (the highest possible ingame) Boltguns and Heavy Bolters never drop.

As you can see on the screenshot, my point rating is quite high, yet, this gangs building Boni are still at T1.

Right now I got 209 infamy points, but I lost some of my progress earlier when my commander account reset itself, could there be a possible relation?

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There might be an interface issue. Most streamers never use bionics and my steam adv shows:

alt text

That 80% of the users how had the chance to install a powerful and only positive upgrade did not do so. (There is no ingame advice how and where to install bionics)

Its a strange design decision to hide awesome stuff like this:

alt text

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To be honest, I have over 100 hours in this game now and there are so many things I could report... from small things like T-posing corpses to "flawless defence" despite being robbed blind, Skills that do not calculate correctly (f.o. leader skill "heroic onslaught" vs leader passive "fearsome reputation", skills that block other unrelated skills (for example: heavy aura blocks dropping crates and building buildings), balance issues like plasma pistols/guns have the same mechanic as heavy plasma guns but have ammo and therefore can't really profit from the plasma mechanic.

You see, I love the idea of this game. I love the art style. And even with its massive and glaring flaws (crashing all the time, AI obviously unfinished), I enjoy it (as my playtime shows).

I really hope that the game gets the love it needs to be great. As stated in another thread, should have been an early access release.

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Maybe I should just start reporting everything while I play.

alt text

Max backpack size is 9(7+2), this one here has 11 after rev. (so the "hand" item added 2 and it stayed at 11). T-posing is known i think, so i won't upload an other screen.

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So, an idea why Boltguns / Heavy Bolters aren't used outside of the main campaign?

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I ask you to understand me correctly. I would like to believe that my pointing out problems with NUW actually make sense. However, if you look at the state of the software at release, I have a trust problem and you will understand that it is not fundamentally part of a customer's job to improve a product. Especially when you include the Mordheim experience.

If you can show me that it actually does something, I would be willing to write my reports more formally and with more effort.

Out of interest, what gang are you playing? The listed weapons that arent showing for you arent showing for me either. I play Orlock

@Demoulius I talked to a few creators on twitch / youtube and asked in a few chat rooms, no one found this weapons so far. I play all gangs.

Spawned myself 1000 of several types T10 loot crates to test it and you can guess what I didn't drop a single time?

Problem have been reported to devs, thank you for your time and efforts.

Was this solved in the patch?

I got a heavy bolter from the shop and I found two boltguns on enemy NPCs.

Unfortunately on the mission after the next my game crashed and now keeps crashing, thus my gang is not available to make screenshots... 😞

@Starwalker I stole two Rank SIX Heavy Bolters from enemy gangs, felt super happy...then was hit with the ongoing 62% loading crash after I won the mission... T.T