Hi everyone,

As many of you have posted feedback and suggestions to help newcomers, we're happy to share today an official list of tips to help new players and veterans to dominate the Underhive!

Youtube Video

Take advantage of Necromunda: Underhive Wars’ signature verticality, or learn to master positioning by using the gridless movement system to its fullest. The tactical possibilities are nearly endless, and every element can be customised, from looks, to weapons, skills and passives - your gang is your own, and you better build it carefully if you want to survive.

We hope this new video will help you to learn the ropes of gang management and gang warfare, while the team continues to work hard on your feedback and reports.

As explained in our community update last week, we have been watching and implementing the feedback we received from the community, with our immediate priority being to fix technical issues players have been experiencing.

Here is what the team is working on in priority:

  • Fixing blocking issues and crashes to improve stability.
  • Fixing corrupted saves. Some of you have reported save corruption issues. if you did, make sure to send us a report to help the team to work on a fix.
  • Fixing various technical issues reported in the last days.

The level of the AI and its speed is a big topic as well. We're investigating what can be done on that front for now and we'll share more info about that later.


Please continue to share your feedback with us in the official forum, as well as in our official Discord. Don't forget to read the known issues and how to report a bug before posting.

If you encounter any issues, make sure to check out our technical FAQ. We're working on server stability as well. If you can't see the number of players looking for a skirmish in multiplayer, or if you have "connecting" next to your name in the top of the screen, it means you're not properly connected and should restart the game for a quick fix.

Thanks again for your patience! We'll share more visibility about the upcoming patch as soon as we have a clear date to share here.

The Necromunda: Underhive Wars Team

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