PC / Ingame shop only selling T1 items even after more than five completed deadly operations

I noticed that another gang of mine got better and better items at the shop and higher Boni for the buildings, while my original gang (which has way more points than my new one ofc), only gets T1 / T2 items and worse Boni on the buildings.

My longest-running gang has completed more than five operations on deadly, while my new one only completed one.

Any idea how to fix?

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I think I could fix it myself by editing the "commander_" and the "gang_" files, notepad++ works sort of. Could you advise me which tool I could use to edit it?


Hey, could you send us your files, so we can check that and sort out what the problem is?

We would need you save files, in C:\Users[YourUserName]\AppData\Local\Necromunda\Saved\SaveGames
and your Necromunda.log file in C:\Users[YourUserName]\AppData\Local\Necromunda\Saved\Logs

If you say it's not 100% reproducible, as some of your others Gangs seem to have the right behaviour, we will need to look at those files to find the issue and correct it 🙂

Thank you for reporting and sorry for that.

After losing my progress the first time, I started "experimenting" a bit. Hope the info contained is still usable.

gang4 is the one with the shop / building error. Added gang1 as reference.

//entry too large - I'll try uploading it separately.

EDIT: uploaded .rar with everything instead

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We sent your files to the devs, they will check this out 🙂

Even with the new version, the problem is still the same.

Yes, devs identified the issue and are still working on it, but unfortunately it's not fixed yet 😕