1. This game looks awesome! Love the design choice and execution there!

  2. It has deep and thought through mechanics - like the awesome synergies between skills and the wide tactical options they provide for the player.

  3. The gang designer is quite frankly the best army painter in any 40k game ever.

  4. The AI is not as terrible, as many claim, it has very obvious issues, but in time, I'm sure they could be fixed.

So, I think a lot of people are so passionate about the game because we see so much potential, but so many aspects of the game just scream that they would have needed more development time. Why didn't you just release this as "early access" on steam? People would have been so much more forgiving if it wasn't advertised as a full release.

When I play this game, I can feel that the developers put their heart and soul into it, it's just simply NOT finished.

I don't know what happened during development or why it is in the sad state that it is (crashes, save corruption, AI behavior, unstable multiplayer, no cheat protection etc., items not dropping (bolt guns/heavy bolters)), but at least in my opinion, it is a piece of art and deserves more love in the future. Truly hope it will receive the love it needs!

Thank you, developers, for you surely did deliver the best you could, and please do not abandon this, like with Mordheim.

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