List of PS4 Bugs
  • Corruption crashes from auto saving (there is no apparent cause as a player to this though i have noticed its more frequent if characters are grouped up to close together and then 1 character from a distance does any sort of attack that the characters are not 100% visable from).

  • Armor does not properly calculate damage reductions based on the type of damage being used vs armor. I have actually tested this. the damage actually doesnt vary by more than 1-2 points of damage vs a fully armored target as vs a target with 0 armor.

  • This was mentioned on another post but credit reductions do not work properly for purchasing champions of various levels.

  • Infamy does not properly process between operations. I have puchased the gangers to get the infamy didnt work.

  • I have completed as far as chapter 12 - (multiple times lost due to game corruption on ps4 multiple times) it doesnt properly unlock in infamy achievements.

  • Negative infamy - I logged out 1 night +9 infamy logged back in - 9 infamy anyone wanna explain that one?

  • Glancing blows are not visable or there is no indication of damage (No evade trigger - No numbers sometimes though glancing blows the same color as the background is not a smart idea it might not hurt to change the color to yellow orange and red instead for it because blue / teal isnt visable on half the maps it just blends into the background and you cant see it half the time even on an 80 inch 4k resolution tv with the brighness setting turned up). Some times it shows the numbers sometimes it shows one number the the guy just bombs and weaves like hes been hit several times and no numbers generate no evade generates.

  • Some weapons list for 1 class and cannot be equipped except by other quest. I forget the mission off hand but chapter 10 I think it is on ps4 is a perfect example of this Flynt has an auto rifle he cannot use but the deadeye on the team can use it says brawler only and the dead eye on the team i forget his name has a Rifle that he cannot use again says brawler only and only flint can use it ... Something is rotten in denmark? did they trade guns and no one said anything also why do they both say brawler only but one is not? and why are they on holding each others gun this is like a complete meme waiting to happen on the level that I cant type on here without offending someone.

  • Chapter 3 100% will corrupt your save file if this happens. (if your characters are all grouped up in the center top and one of the rowdie boys throws a bomb at you and you dont see damage enjoy starting deleting your save file and starting a new game).

Chapter 5 - If the champion jumps off the platform and you have 2 many gangers in the middle enjoy deleting your game file and starting over from scratch. (Also this fight is way over tuned for that early in the game I assume it is intended but like every single one of them have weapons can make 4 to 6 yes i said 6 seperate attacks in a turn vs your guys and litterly it generally takes 2-3 attempts every time ive cleared it to get past it and usually it requires the ai bug out and do something stupid at least 1 turn as well as focing 2v1 fights on your side of the map to win.

  • Chapter 5 also the weapons sometimes do not generate between rounds.
  • Chapter 5 if you have someone below you you can walk off the platform and levitate in mid air (Sometimes this will bug and the mission becomes uncompleteable forcing a restart).
  • Chapter 5 some of the weapons cant be equipped by the class it says they can be equipped by.
  • Chapter 5 em half the opposing team has brawler only weapons - the only 2 guys on your team that are brawlers em they have weapons already.
  • Chapter 5 the medical dispensers on the middle platform will not let you repair them sometimes.
  • Chapter 5 both the champion gets to act on ever other characters turn who is on the same team ???
  • Chapter 5 the champion can bug out get stuck in walls and become unhittable but can still charge out and kill you in 1 hit
  • Chapter 5 there is no option to chose the order your team is deployed in I am not sure if this is a bug or intentional.

I am pretty sure i can add more to this list before the night is out once i sit down and start playing tonight assuming it doesnt bug in story mode corrupt my game file and make me want to throw the game out the window again within the first hour of playing.

Managed to finally clear it all but it does not properly aware infamy for clearing story mode additionally. Chapter 12 is a nightmare clearing it on ps4 took me 4.5 hours with the game crashing every turn I would play through 1 turn and it would crash again. I had similiar issues on the chapter 14 during the last turn of the chapter 14 clear. And I had 1 crash the turn before i finished 15 which I probably would have screamed and instant requested a refund had it crashed again. Ive had to clear the corrupted data of my ps4 so many times its stupid I actually had gotten up to 250 mb of corrupted data at one point playing through the game. You guys really need to stop wasting time and at least get a partial patch out or something and tell people what your going to do to compensate them. Lost a 3rd gang at 5000 rating to a crash during loading for a new operation.

I mean is it that hard to at least give us feedback how you plan to compensate people?

And just lost another save file and could not even fix it using cloud storage on ps4 because after redownloading all the data stored on the cloud the game just refuses to reload the gangs i spent the past several days working on so basically 1 bug wipes everything and your starting over from scratch again. Whoever came up with the idea for how the game saves data is the biggest idiot in the history of games design. Ill be putting in my request for a refund this week I dont want to wait several months for a fix because its ridiculous at this point the game is unplayable period. And waiting a month for a fix is way to much. If it was me I would feel like crap to have released such a garbage functional product. Like this doesnt even feel like its been alpha tested its got so many bugs. It was like hey it might work lets release it and hope it no one knows that it doesn't work just so we can keep money coming in instead of releasing a finished product.

I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt but factually this is the most garbage work ever done on a game there are guys out there making indy games with better functionality than this has.

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