Lost all Infamy after launching (and saving) story mission.

I had been playing using a number of custom gangs for a bit and had managed to accumulate about 74 infamy points.

I decided I'd resume the story (I had gotten to story mission 3 previously). I started the mission and quit shortly after launching the mission. When I returned to my custom gangs found that all infamy points previously gained had been lost and I was back at 0 points.

One of my custom gangs shows as having -74 Infamy on the Infamy screen now.

From what I can tell, in launching (and quitting) the story mission after having played a custom gang has completely reset my infamy points.

Is there any way to get back the previously lost infamy?

Hello, unfortunately Infamy Points lost because of this bug cannot be restored 😞

We are aware of this issue and devs have been notified about it, they are now working to fix it.

We are truly sorry about this inconvenience, but thank you for reaching us.

Happened to me too. Do I have to play the whole campaign again to unlock the points?