I'm not a fan of the deathcam and I would just remove it and be done with it.
But I don't think we´ll get rid of it now that it's in the game, so I thought how could it be tweaked to be more acceptable overall.

The deathcam was introduced to make the game more accessible for newer players, which is fine because the game isn't very beginner-friendly and could scare players away before they can get into the game and enjoy it. Therefore the deathcam should be treated as a holding hand for the first steps, like tutorial popups, until you don't need it anymore.

This could be achieved by a soft level lock.
For example, the deathcam is active (unless you turn it off by yourself) for the first 50-80 levels to give beginners the help it provides.
Then, when you surpass the beginner levels, it changes to ONLY be active if the enemy has it also set to active. It's then more like an agreement, you and your enemy accepted that you can see the deathcam if your willing to also be seen by others who have it active.
If you turn it off then you cannot see the deathcam (obviously) but also you cannot be seen by others who have it on. (Unless of course, they are below the level lock)

This imo would make it acceptable and more balanced for the players that don't like the deathcam and turn it off, while still helping newer players.

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