Infamy Problems

I was having choppy cut scenes to I logged out of the game and restarted my computer. When I logged back in all of my infamy achievements where gone. I just finished chapter I and never was not awarded the 3 Infamy points for completion. I did skip the cut scene but that is because they are choppy. Did restarting my comp do something? Is there something I need to do?

Hello, sorry about this.

So if I understood well, you were awarded 3 points for completing Chapter 1, then you lost them after restarting your PC/Steam account?

Same problem, I finished the campaign, but all my infamy points got reset and now its stuck at 1/15.

I lost over 100 infamy points (from other ingame adv.), very sad about this.

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Sorry If I wasn't to clear I had over 30 Infamy points, then went back to story mode. To try and get some infamy points finished Chapter 5, then when I went back to my gang I was at 0 infamy and all of my Infamy had been lost nothing I did would get me new ones. I tried uninstalling then reinstalling the game on the steam menu but when it was reinstalled same problem. I wasn't sure If I did something wrong but after some research I see that this is a fairly common problem. I hate to lose all the progress but If you could tell me a way to uninstall/wipe the save data and start over that would be ok to. I'll just have to play through the whole story mode before I start a gang.

I have lost count of how mainfany points ive lost but well over 40 at this point.

Im not playing anymore until its fixed. Most fights turn out the same way anyway but I find it a waste of time to play atm...

Oh ok, sorry to hear that 😞
If you want to clean your saves, you have to go to
C:\Users[YourPCName]\AppData\Local\Necromunda\Saved\SaveGames and remove all files here.
You should probably keep them somewhere though, as you could maybe re-use them in the future 🙂