Can't load gang

When I try to load my custom gang the Wyld Vipers it loads to 87% then crashes every time.

On what platform did the bug occur?

On which Game mode did the bug occur?

If the bug occurred in Story, on which chapter did it occur?

If the bug occurred during a mission, what Objective and Map were you playing on?

What were you doing before reproducing the bug?
Boot the game up, press load gang, and choose the Wyld Vipers

Were you able to reproduce the issue multiple time ? If so, does it occur all the time (100%)?
Yes, it happens every time

Logs: Necromunda.log

Saves: The problem is with Gang_0

Callstack: Callstack_falter10.txt

Crash files:


Hi falter10, thank you for your files!
It looks like an already known issue, but any new case is welcome as it will help us find and solve the problem faster 😊

Thanks a lot for your help!