Reload in spawn bug

When reloading in the spawn zone after chambering a round - to get an extra round - the weapon will either reload again immediately or show that a magazine isn't in the weapon even though it is visually. As a result, the player will only have one bullet when the match starts if they don't notice the missing mag notification in the bottom right. I have experienced this about 50% - 60% of the times I reload in spawn before the countdown timer reaches 0 (but after the game starting counting where you can move and practice shooting). I haven't experienced it after game start. A friend I play with confirmed he has the same problem. I've experienced this on Firefight and Checkpoint, all maps. I don't often play other modes, so I can't speak to those.

In matchmaking there are 3 timers at place:

  • Waiting for Players
  • Pre-game
  • Pre-round

In Pre-game you can move and everything you do should be discarded because you respawn
In Pre-round, you cannot move and this is the time you can reload and top off the weapon so to speak.

During which of these you experience the issue ?