Any timeframe on a patch?

Hey there devs,

Do you guys got any timeframe on a patch? I have spend 57 hours in so far (yes yes I know, thats alot. Im home due to all the time in the world!) but I kinda dont want to continue playing atm. Dispite alot of crashes, AI derping up and all the small bugs and glitches I do enjoy the game..... BUT

Having completed the main story and seeing things like infamy constantly resetting and the AI making each battle almost identical (enemies with chem synth, only spam that. Leaders will prefer buffing random people over doing damage, etc) the game is sadly starting to be abit boring due to lack of challenge. A timeframe to look out for a patch that might adress some of these issues would be great! 🙂

Also dispite these hours played in the game I have yet to see a single heavy bolter, bolter, lasgun higher then rank 2 etc etc drop whilst im drowning in plasma weapons, autocannons and heavy stubbers. Are some weapon this rare for a reason or am I just insanely unlucky or something?


Hello Demoulius,

Concerning your drop rates, I would put my coin on you having no luck, given that many players on Discord seem to have found high rank gears of all kind ^^

About timeframe, I'm sorry but all information I can give you for now are in the Community Update you can find here:

Thank you for playing and enjoying the game so far!

@Focus_HugoM The link is appreciated, though that information is four days old at this point. The game is fun but not playable right now. This patch needs to be the utmost important thing right now and needs to go out as soon as possible.

I think I'm correct in saying we all want to play, desperately, but can't. We just need something more concrete and definitive on a fix time line than four day old information.

It almost feels like your host game servers need an update or a complete upgrade because they can't handle the current volume.

Asked the question in the steampage as well. Thanks for the link 🙂

Guess il play something else in the meantime. I dont want the current state of the game to sour the experience of playing this game.

@Focus_HugoM Hey. Your link is now twelve days old. Twelve fucking days. No patch, no news of a patch, another advertisement video went up. Any information yet, or is Focus that fucking inept and useless? I hope they pay well. I'm sorry you're the one fielding our ire, but this is fucking ridiculous.

Unfortunately @Kane, the only thing I can tell you for now is that everyone is currently working hard on players feedbacks to make the game more enjoyable.

@Focus_HugoM it's not enjoyable at all right now because it's now been thirteen days with no patch, longer since the issues have existed. We needed a patch two weeks ago. Where is it?

I feel bad for him honestly cause the company hes working for really does not care 1 bit about the fact that basically they released a product that was garbage. Honestly I had the last draw today putting in my request for a refund by the end of the week. Because right now the time its taking them to fix this, and the fact they give zero f***'s to make a comment even about what they plan to do about the fact it has been released in its current state. Tells me 1 thing that they don't care next they will release a dlc and wipe everyone shit again make them start over from scratch and do nothing about it any company who cant even take the time to comment to people about just what they plan to do to make up for such a garbage show doesnt deserve to have money going there way.

I tried giving them the benefit of the doubt cause the game had the potential to be fun. But fact is after 40-70 hours of work to actually be able to enjoy the game several times and some of it is a real pain in the ass to do like getting specific traits on characters in operations you could play 4-5 complete operation run throughs like 5-10 hours of game play time doing that and then you finally get 1 good roll for what you need next operation game crashs all your data is corrupted. Would you like to start everything including story mode all over again readjust all your settings oh and yeah the other 2-3 gangs you have that you have not even played in a couple days we are going to corrupt that 2. Also if you upload the date from the ps cloud its still not going to work so please enjoy the fact we are going to corrupt everything and run your entire game play experience no matter what you do.

Game Rating out of ***** is NEGATIVE *****. Because its not even playable. And clearly based on the fact they cant even take the time as developers to comment they do not give 2 shits.