Can't Hire Ganger With Enough Money

Ran into this bug on PC. I have an infamy upgrade which reduces the cost of hiring new gangers. The hire cost for a champion ganger is 2500, but with the discount it's only 2000. However, since I have 2300 credits I should be able to hire it. It seems like the game decides I have insufficient funds before it takes the discount into account, and is not letting me buy the new ganger at 2k, despite having more than enough.

Have had the same problem.

Hello, sorry you encountered issues while playing.

This is an issue we're aware of and devs are working on it!

To buy it, you need to have the normal amount without the discount applied (2.500 Credits) to be allowed to, but when you'll buy it, only the discounted amount will be taken from you (2.000 Credits).

Sorry about that, hope this will help you 🙂