[BUG] Always crash when i load a gang team after i completed the story.

Reproduction : 100%.

Exact behavior: gangs create before finish the story mode crash the game on load after finish the game story.

If you create them after finishing the story, you can load them without the game crashing.

hope it's not a save corruption issue ... ( i d'ont know, it's just a crash when loading my gang, no message spawn)

I don't think so, because the bug trigger comes from story mode precisely I think (I see no other link, since I rushed the story all at once).

+25h turned to dust it would make me ....

I rewrite this topic for the second time because the 1st time it did not appear (I created it yesterday, it still does not appear in the topic list).

Crash files : Razielll69s_CrashFiles.rar

Log Files : Necromunda.log

I d'ont want to give my save files for security reasons, I don't want other players to download my save data.

Thank you for your report, we will investigate this issue and let know the devs.

For you save files, I understand if you don't want other players to have access to them. However, it would be useful for the devs to have them, so could you send them by mail to the support@focus-home.com address? They won't be public in any way and only the devs will use them to solve the problem you encountered.

Thank you again and sorry for the inconvenience it caused to you.

Did you receive the save files ?

Seems like we didn't receive your mail. Could you send it back to me on PM? I started a conversation with you.

It just arrived, thank you for your time! It will be great help to solve this issue!

@Focus_HugoM I have also run into this happening, basically I try and load my gang and every time the load hits 87% the game crashes and kicks me from the game. I would also like to share my files with you in order to rectify this situation. Please let me know if there might be anything else you may need.