Can you release something to the public in regards to a schedule for patches? IE: 1 month / 3 month / 6month in between each patch?

No need to provide what would be in them, we can assume you are working on the nastiest ones first. It might be something to detour people from refunding your game so quickly...

This game is getting an extremely bad rep because people are in the dark with what looks like a game that was rushed to the presses prematurely, that or you had a very bad Alpha / Beta test group that gave you zero feedback and you're in disaster recovery mode.

Side note/request - Force fast AI options and increase gang counts please. It also may be appropriate to enlist modding to expand your game while you work on the critical bugs so we have something to look forward to in a shorter time frame then expansions for new gangs.

Also, lots of gangs are player made for the original game, would love to see them adapted and brought in as well in the future and not just sticking to the base game gangs.

Good luck, and looking forward to playing this game when I see some solid patch notes!