Hello! This is my first time doing anything like this, and it may have already been brought up but it needs to be fixed.
The refueling (multiplayer on PS4) has been broken for months. I cannot refuel myself or my friend. We even stopped playing until the warthog update to see if it had been fixed and it was still bugged.
It seems that refuel stations work fine but fuel frame add ons and roof racks do not work. Tapping x and holding x both lead to no fuel being transferred, leaving us to recover to a garage 2 maps away even though I have 24 million liters of fuel and it’s incredibly frustrating!
If the devs could see this and work on it, it would make my day!
Also the snow is a little overpowered. Not even axle deep and AWD, Low -, AND diff lock and I can’t move? Maybe I’m just bad lol!