Crashes, Freezes, Corrupted Files Xbox One

Since purchasing and downloading the game on release day, I have had 9-10 crashes, 2 in the Story Mode, 1 of those started me right back where I was when the crash occurred, a the rest happened during Operations Mission, and only 1 of those started me back where I was at the crash. I have experienced numerous freezes during the post match loading screens, which never unfreeze and I am forced to close the game and open it back up. When I open it back up I am awarded nothing but time wasted during the match and have lost items. Now the most recent loading screen freeze has corrupted my save file and I can not access my gang or create a new one. When the game works I love it but it rarely works. I have spent 4-5 hours each night playing to only complete and get rewards from like only 2 mission a night due to freezes and crashes.thumbnail_image0.jpg

@DragoonActual yeah I was able to make it through story mode fine but every time I play my first mission of my second operation it locks up

I have the same issue and found that instead of trying to play an operation I can play a quick skirmish against ai then can progress in operations again. I also found that creating any autosave in story mode can fix the operations glitch but also seems to while all progress for infamy points which is unfortunate. Already scrapped 2 gangs that were a few operations in due to this bug and corrupted save files.

To avoid having to replay hours due to progress lost from this bug I have noticed that if you can see the autosave icon constantly on screen or overlapping the load bar for the entire load screen then save and quit as soon as you have the opportunity as any progress made while the save cog is stuck spinning will be lost. This doesn't help keep any progress it just helps to identify the issue until the dev team can hopefully find a fix. A patch to allow for manual saves would alleviate the issue but would allow save scumming so perhaps a system allowing for two autosaves so we could revert a little further back in case of save corruption or this operations bug.

I just joined the forum to talk about this. For the story and for the personal gangs every mission has multiple freezes or game breaking bugs in it.

Just had to forfeit a mission (story thankfully) where I couldn’t put down the canisters so the mission could never end. Second time it’s happened in that particular mission and 4th time for me overall.

Had a base raid where I cleaned them out but it froze on the loading screen before the gang overview and got absolutely nothing out of it.

There’s been some major instances where I lost xp as well because of freezes.

It’s so frustrating. Wasteland 3 is just as bad console quality wise. It really seems like they never even bothered to play test. Port it, make your money and screw the customer I guess.

Exact same thing happens on PS4 version...
Get your gangs all up and as soon as one tries to get to next operation all files become corrupted..

October 13..the problem is still here (x box one) so rest in peace Necromunda...........

Hey dunmer85, what problem are you facing?
Corrupted data shouldn't appear anymore but if you still have some, we're interested in how you did this. It's important so we can try to fix it in the best possible way.

@Focus_HugoM said in Crashes, Freezes, Corrupted Files Xbox One:

Hey dunmer85, what problem are you facing?
Corrupted data shouldn't appear anymore but if you still have some, we're interested in how you did this. It's important so we can try to fix it in the best possible way.

On xbox the patch did not come out. But you're at it?

Come people, please..😭 😡

@Focus_HugoM (first of all sorry for my bad english 🙂 After the match the loading screen is frozen and i must restart the game. this is not a big problem but i lose everything from the last match, everything unsaved so this is a huge waste of time 😞 In this situation i always see some little lags after the match was started.

Sometimes the game show me "lost connection" but its still working. Sometimes the game are totally frozen and close itself but when i restart the match is still there, evereything auto saved or something like that (this is a very good thing) In this case there is no lags, everythings running fine.

I really hope Focus team will be handle these problems becasue i really like this game 🙂 I buy the table game in 1996 so this
video game is a true childhood dream to me 🙂

@lt_loafers yesterday I start the operation four times.... Allways crashed on the building select screen... Aaannd five match crashed too. Few weeks and we cant start the game becasue there is more crash day by day.

" ERROR - FILE CORRUPTION DETECTED " Its mean i lost my main gang and all played hour ??...........

I don't get the file corrupted anymore for my gang. When I go to load my gang the screen starts uploading to 33% goes black, then reappears and resumes loading to 100%. Then the main option screen appears without loading my gang! Have I permanently lost my 5,537 score, all level 10 main gang along with the other three gangs that are all filled with at least level 8 or above? I thought the repair wizard was supposed to help me out here. I have a game I haven't been able to play for over a month, and now have been handed the insult of flushing my progress down the drain. I suffered through crashes, frozen games, and non-registering wins because I love the concept and finally have a 40k game worth playing since Space Marine on the 360. Will I get my saves from Santa for Christmas? Or a bag of F*** you? Cause the latter is what I seem to be slated for right now.