Random CTD all game modes

Both a friend and I have experienced a crash to desktop without warning during various stages of gameplay, whether in multiplayer or not. There is no error, no warning, and the game can be immediately booted back up but all multiplayer content/progress is lost. In singleplayer it just reverts to the nearest autosave.

The primary point of frustration is that it can happen at any time. We were one turn from finishing a 45-minute match and we both experienced the crash within a minute of one-another.

Same her sadly. Its worse in coop where we have so far been unable to complete a single match without a crash. Sometimes we make it to the end and only one of us crashes though and the other can press continue and still collect his rewards.

Hey, thank you for reaching us about this issue.

Indeed, some players notified us about various CTD and devs are now working to fix them.
Just for information, on which platform did you experience those crashes?

Thanks again for your report and sorry about the oncvenience you issued.