Xbox - Infinite Autosave Crash

On what platform did the bug occur?
Xbox One
On which Game mode did the bug occur?

I'm having some serious- game breaking problems with Operations.
No joke. I've had two Gangs now become completely unplayable in Operations.

I try to load into a mission from the Operations Screen, the Cog shaped autosave symbol appears and remains in the corner from then on, even through loading screens and the battles themselves. Until it all finally crashes. No matter how I try to load up the Gang, from both the Continue and the Load Gang option, it always crashes not long after trying to get into a mission.

This is now the second Gang I've basically had to give up on using, just because it's not been able to save properly. One yesterday. And now this one today.
I absolutely love this game. I've been playing it nearly non-stop since it's release. And I'm going to keep on playing it, despite the apparent risk of losing all my progress at a moments notice.

@mattlute31 im at my third gang that got unusable due to this error. love the game but i will give a week more before i demand a refund.

Im still having this issue. 😞

Yep, this issue is community wide I think. I know certain achievements should be hard to obtain, but making them impossible due to the forever saving bug is a bit unfair.

This is literally making the game unplayable, I cant believe a game so awesome was released with more bugs than an ants nest. Oh wait. Its GW classic shenanigans... My save glitch, I've noticed if it means anything to the focus coders, only occurs when multiple AI teams converse on a mission. But definitely cant play now as Ionly have one mision to pick. And its all for a golden can of pepsi AKA arceotech... Turn your console into a heater too.

its not any more playable on ps4 the game is basically a constantly crashing nightmare accross all platforms. You cant even cloud save it and recover the data cause the game cant recognize the file after it crashes.

@vault0381 jeeze, least i still have my team, but this game crashes harder than the 2008 economic crisis. Im now more paranoid than Pauline Hanson weather they'll get wiped. F'ing Russian roulette shenanigans.

No news regarding this issue?

Hello, thanks for your report, but really sorry to read this!

Our upcoming update contains a lot of fixes, including a new save system to prevent save corruption issues. It should help a lot with the situation.

We'll release this update on PC very soon, then it will follow on consoles as soon as it goes through the certification process for PS4 and Xbox One.

Could you tell how long it takes to get certified for the consoles? It's been really annoying to be kept aside... it's been two weeks that I can't play, since everytime I tried to start a new operetion, the system crashes. Not in the mood to start a new gang everyday.

@Netheos Will this actually fix the issue of the game crashing, you know, the actual issue mentioned? You community managers seem to give very vague answers. Im gettin tempted to just get a refund and never touch your games ever again at this rate.

Someone (sorry can't remeber who) said when you first start operations (pick difficulty) open up the invite, as if bringing in co-op partner. Then close it. Then go on as normal pick lever, start a game. Weird but worked for me. Unlocked my gang that wouldn't save or crashed on infamy screen every time. Forge born now smashing the poor AI on brutal.

thank you @CalebB nice work around!

@CalebB I'll give that a try mate, thank you very much.

It was someone else spotted it. I'm sorry I can't name check them. Used it twice and worked. Had issues later, but differant issues 😂

you are talking about lost infamy^^? several crashes? (you can bypass chrashs by playing offline) btw
this hint brought my loved gang back into the hive😀 thanks again😍

@CalebB found out who recommended work around. @altima_boy_ff. Retrospective shout out. 😇

A workaround for this issue that someone else on this forum found is to play the game completely offline. Don't start up the game online at all and you shouldn't have any issues with operations and the infinite save icon. I'm a few sectors in so far and no issues on the game that has only been played while offline. I hope this helps until they can finally get the xbox patch out though I've read new issues with the patch on ps4 involving max stats points being erased. Hopefully we get a hotfix for those issues after the patch. Tough to be optimistic when we get so little feedback on everything going on. We should be hearing about dlc at this point not waiting for the game to be merely playable after waiting month. I hope this helps and thanks to whoever found this fix.

This just happened to me as well I have tried everything I can think of but it just keeps happening.

I've had 3 infinite autosave issues on ps4 after the patch, 2 on 1st day and 1 later. Had my 1st save breaking bug today where AI jumped down and ran into some barrels in an odd swaying pattern I hadn't seen before. Let it go for 3 mins then did save and exit to menu. 4 attempts to load the game and always crashes at 71%. No corrupted save menu or anything. I was saving alternately to online and usb after matches but got lax as luckily haven't had issues. Had to restore files and lost 3 matches 😒 save your games off console people, save your games...