Infamy reset

I'm playing on Xbox, I had about 38 infamy accrued. However I was not getting infamy for completing the story mode, even though I had. I jumped to episode 5 to trigger it giving me infant credit. However, after beating it (again), ALL of my infamy is now gone, as is the history of the objectives I've completed.


I had the same problem on PC.

Hi guys,

We're sorry to hear about the problems you've encountered. It's an issue we've been informed about and the devs are working on it.
Unfortunately, as for now there is no way to give you back those Infamy Points...

Sorry again you issued this loss and thank you for letting us know

@Focus_HugoM how about getting a patch out this week, if not sooner, instead of posting videos that falsely advertise the playability of the game. (Not saying you did this, just including observation of Focus's recent post on FB).

It's not playable with how much it's crashing right now. 5 system restarts to get through one mission.

The "focus" (pun intended) needed to be on garnering player trust and support and that's waning. Severely.

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@Focus_HugoM So I get you can't refund lost infamy, fine.

I just had my game crash on the missing screen after finishing a mission. Now anytime I try to load that gang, the game crashes. Any chance of being able to recover and play that gang, or am I going to have to start them all over too?

In case you missed the other ones, it's now been twelve days since any news about a patch. TWELVE. Any update on that, or are we wasting our fucking time with this company and their empty promises?