Xbox One - Can’t Start an Operation

I'll try to explain is as best I can, because it seems to be quite game breaking. One of my Gangs is stuck in limbo! The Load Gang option on the main menu claims they're in an Easy Operation, but when I get into the Hideout, no such Operation Exists. Instead, when I try to start a new one, the game just crashes.

On what platform did the bug occur?
Xbox One
On which Game mode did the bug occur?
What were you doing before reproducing the bug?
It started after finishing an Operation. On attempting to start a new one, the game began to stutter, before freezing entirely. Now, when trying to load up the gang from the main menu, the game claims the gang is already in Operation. Yet, upon reaching the Operation screen in the Hideout, no such Operation exists. Instead it brings me to the Operation Screen and asks me to start a new one. However, by attempting this, the autosave symbol appears and the game crashes again.
Were you able to reproduce the issue multiple time? If so, does it occur all the time (100%)?
It happens only on the one gang, so far. Other gangs still work fine, I can play those in the time being, but I really don’t want to lose the progress I’ve made on my best Gang.

I hope that all made sense.

This is happening on mine too, both Xbox one and Xbox One X. It seems to get worse the further into the game you get. I'm now on my fifth operation and I can't get past the Infamy screen. It slows right down and freezes completely. The Xbox is still working cos you can go back to the Xbox home screen by pushing the big button but the game remains frozen. I don't think I'll be able to get past this point. Game over?

hey guys! please read this thread:

"Game locks in loading menu after completing mission"

As Dhorse12 said, this issue has already been reported by players in other topics, but thanks anyway!
Devs are doing their best to solve this issue, thanks again for your report 🙂

@mattlute31 Something I found that works (on XBox) is start the game, load your gang, but before choosing to start an operation, take the system offline. You'll be able to start the operation. At sleeping the game will compassion about being offline, simple get your system back online and enjoy. Careful though, i just had my game crash on the loading screen after a mission and now it crashes every time i try to mess with that gang.

Still no actual help from Focus either. At least the above should get you playing a little bit (competed 3 operations with that tactic)

Also. Once you start the operation, before starting a mission, do the same thing.

yep, can confirm this Kane! but from op 4 to 5 it closed to home now, even offline. (in my case)
Ive stopped playing..