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Hello my fellow immortal comrades!

So nice to be here and that finally we have a great vampire game since Bloodlines!!! Hope not to be the last!!!

Im awaiting great discussions here and between us help Dontnod to deliver Vampyr as better as possible!!!


Cheers! I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on this game in a few months! I've been excited about it since it was first announced.

Finally, so happy this forum is up and running. Expecting good and fullfilling discussions until we meet DAY-V in November, my month of birth. Thanks a lot for the warm welcome!

Hi there everyone! I'm kinda dying for this since I love vampires as hell and consider them very unpopular in games. So, yeah, I hope that this game will be good and if there'll be anything I will be able to do, I totally will ❤

@WhiteNerine I hear you, I am a die-hard fan of the vampire mythos, especially those depicted in World of Darkness games (Vampire: the Masquerade/Requiem), in Warhammer Fantasy (Vampire Counts), the original where it all began (Bram Stoker's Dracula) and some movies, like Interview with the Vampire for example. Saddened that pop culture fucked them up lately (Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Blade 3, etc..). When it comes to games, I agree with you, but at least for a decade we had Bloodlines that was quite the masterpiece, and I am confident Vampyr will step up and bring the genre to another level of quality we are looking for.

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@Orlando_Spencer Oh yes, I love Interview with the Vampire, Dracula (both from '31 and '92) and even Lost Boys (which aren't maybe quite as serious but were also a real pleasure to watch in my opinion). But from the new films there's also one, I consider a masterpiece – What We Do In Shadows. Have you seen it maybe?
But when it comes to books I'm awful since I only know stuff where vampires are peripheral; I haven't read Dracula and Anne's Rice series. And what's worse is that I don't even know why.
Also, oh my, World of Darkness! I just started playing it, since I'm new to RPG, and fell in love with it! I've begun with a Requiem since I heard that Masquerade is more about being epic, while Requiem considers PCs more important. Any tips for a new player/GM?

Greetings everyone. I'm very excited for Vampyr. For so long I've waited for a vampire game such as this where it lets you decide your side. It looks incredible and I've been watching game play videos on it. You have a huge supporter here, Vampyr team. 👍👍

Greetings fellow Creepers,

Can't wait to play the game^^

Hi there you bloodsucker bros. 😉
I`m so pretty happy with this game that i had to join here.