Xbox issues

I’ve had a few issues which are frustrating me;

I got to mission 11 and next time I logged in my progress was lost and the game put me back to mission 8.

On mission 5, the level would not complete, the champion would randomly re deploy after death and my characters would randomly die

In operations after completing an op the game got stuck on a load screen, I’m assuming loading up to tell me what I had won and XP gained etc, so I had to restart the game for it to then tell me i forfeited the match.

Hello BossDakka, sorry to hear about that.

Could you tell me more about thoses Story issues?
Are you playing on PC or console?
Do you have the save from when you launched the game, your story progress went backward?

On Chapter 5, did something happen prior the issue with the Champion redeploying? Did you reload the save or issued a crash?

These information would be pretty useful to help devs to correct your problems. If you're on PC, save files and logs are also really important, if you still have them by any chance 🙂