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Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks the devs for making Insurgency and Insurgency Sandstorm. I had a lot of fun so far and made some really nice friends playing only PvE. The realism was always a strong point to me about this game. However, recently some problems are making this game hard to play.

Second, I would like to remember that bugs are not always bad things. Players of Insurgency will remember the smoke bug where bots couldn't see you at all, only if one meter away. That was a really nice bug because when overwhelmed as Last Man Standing you still could survive by wits and luck. I say overwhelmed because I play in servers with lots of bots per objective. Anyway, it was a bug but a good one because it allowed us to have more fun playing the game. However, in Insurgency Sandstorm the situation is the opposite right now.

The bugs below are making the game too punishing and discouraging us to keep playing. I was playing the game with some friends right now and we just gave up due to the bugs below. We are going to do something else, play something else because this is not fun at all. But before doing that, I decided to come here and try to call your attention to these problems.

All those points concerns PvE.

First problem: AI sees through wall.

Bots have a ridiculous view range right now, crossing walls and whatever. I don't know the reason, but the game wasn't so ridiculously unrealistic a while ago. No human being should be able to shoot at targets he can't see with such precision. And I am talking about a MG3 gunner headshoting you through a wall a 100m away from you.

Second problem: AI sees through smoke.

I may understand you want to correct the bug of the first game by making sure the bots can shoot through smoke, but then your HINTS about the game are a trap. You say that smoke can help us beat the bots and try some ninja stuff. Instead, they kill us before we can even see them. So now it is unrealistic, because people should not be able to see through smoke, but it is not the fun bug anymore. No one likes to be shot through smoke by enemies you can't see and were supposed to not being able to see you too. Making them blind through smoke is a LOT BETTER option here.

Third problem: AI shots pierce their cover and your cover.

This is a strange problem. Bullets fired by BOTs are somehow crossing their cover (a stone wall) and your cover (another stone wall) while they are shooting prone beside a wall. Probably the programming is not taking into account the first wall because of some collision problem. Anyway, it is ultimately unrealistic and not fun at all.

Fourth problem: AI sees perfectly at night.

It wasn't like that before, but now Night Maps are completely unrealistic. Bots view range is amazing as in Day maps from anywhere in the map no matter if they have some Night equipment or not. They just find you and shoot you immediately.

Fifth problem: Pre-fire shots.

Pre-fire is supposed to happen when you know the position of your enemy and you enter shooting him. Right now, BOTS already know your location, enter a room and shoot you without giving you a single second to shoot them in response. You just never had a chance and that is not fun at all. Happening now and then can be said as "bad luck", but when "bad luck" is responsible for all your deaths and the failure of a mission it is not just bad luck anymore. It is an unrealistic situation that turns out to become a reason for not playing this. Upon acquiring a target they didn't see before, bots should give us some time because they are aiming themselves.

Anyway, what amuses me the most is that in the early stage of this game those bugs were not present. Right now, a rollback would bring more people to play this, in my opinion.

Please try out those changes you do to the AI and you will see what I am talking about, and after that, please do something to address those unrealistic problems.

Best regards,

\\F.A.B.// Lucius

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I completely agree with you on all point.

We have about twenty odd players in our discord group playing. No one worries about a legitimate death BUT it really pisses you off when downed by AI not even lifting the gun to shoot you or if they did it lift the gun was so fast to not give you a chance. Frustration will kill this game. Night maps are unplayable, I play as if every one of my deaths matter. Very protective of my KD. Why would anyone play night maps knowing that they will be killed 2 or 3 times more than usual?

If you want to make it harder, put more enemy on the ground, you don't need unrealistic kills by AI and please Oh please stop with the continuous smoke at objectives that bots can see through. All this does is create angry exchanges with the fools on your own team throwing the bloody stuff and getting you killed.

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