How do people actually like this game?

Please don't start a war I'm just giving my opinion

I don't understand how people like this game
It's just weird
The game it self is quite slow

And i like SP shooters but this one is just not my thing

I'm not going to refund it because there is no reason the game it self is quite cheap
but can you please give me your opinion on why you like it

And don't talk about "mods" please

personally i love this game because of the reasons below:

-this game is the middle ground between complete milsim and arcade shooter

-forced class-based matches means that each team will function the same way

-dynamic gunplay, wanna play long range? get a 2x scope, wanna play short range? ditch the sights, wanna play mid-range? get some decent optics

-snipers, support, breacher, demolitions, riflemen actually have their own purpose (not all running around like cod)

-the MASSIVE punishement for being stupid. you always have the dilemma between peeking an angle or not, you always have the risk of taking the full consequence of moving between cover, if you get pinned down, bet back and find another way, or throw nades and clear the defender out

-the community, i really liked csgo, but the community doesnt do justice for that game, this game (although a relatively small playerbase) is often very humble, they just get back from work to school and just try to have fun

-point system for equipment means balance because nobody would get the full OP version of the gun, they have to get equipments for their needed playstyle and have to ditch something less important in order to get something more important, it's always sacrifice something for the greater good

-even when teammates dont use voice comms, they seemingly play teamwork automatically, if you request smoke they'll use them, if you request sniper fire then snipers would try to move to that position, if you request supressing fire then people would supress the area, request rpg they'll shoot it, basically very few are seflish people who are just looking to get kills

-the high damage model effectively makes it a non-run and gun game, if you get shot with 7.62 AP round, goodbye you

-the high explosive splash damage area make them extra useful, but comes at a cost of extra supply points that could take up your foregrip or armor

-suppression mechanics, your character will panic if there's bullets flying near your head (messed up aim etc)

It's a wonderful game. The only one I play anymore. I can't find anything about it present in other games.

Alilolo already mentioned most of the points. It's one of the few shooter I don't get angry after some time because of some strange arcade damage model. Get hit 1-2 times, you're dead. Also I like the atmosphere in game. Example:

You try to capture point A in a house. You're alone as your other teammates try to hold B. Bunch of enemies push onto you to stop you from capturing. You get 2 of them and you are not sure if you have enough bullets left. You just know it's not empty.
Do you reload and set yourself in a vulnerable situation for a moment? You decide to stay with your current mag.
You hear steps. A moment later an enemy peeks around a corner, you counter fire. Click. Shit, mag is empty. You try to pull your pistol but he peeks faster and you're down.

Such moments are awesome. It's not like other games where you run around like Rambo while eating one bullet after another. You are always one good shoot away from "dying".

Also such mechanics like flash lights or lasers. In dark maps you'll be seen faster with a flash on but you can also blinden your enemy in CQB with it. Same with laser. You can more accuratly aim from your hip but the enemy can see your laser dot and might know your position.

I mean everybody has another taste. For me this game is the ultimate competitive and at the same time totally fun experience since it was a mod.
Oh and it runs nativly on Linux which is great too 😃

I have been playing this Game for about 6 years. The game play and envirornment is better than any other game I have ever played.☺

The weapon handling and damage model are what make insurgency what it is.

Being only able to take two shots in a game filled with rapid fire weapons makes you think twice about running out in the open. It keeps you on edge. Firefights at close range end quickly.

Lasers are more than just for show in insurgency,as they actually pinpoint where the bullet is going to land. (Unlike Rainbow Six Siege, where the bullet randomly veers off to the left or right of where ever the laser is pointing)

The weapon handling is unique, as you won't find a crosshair in the middle of your screen and the gun's aim wanders around the center so you can't put a sticker on your screen for perfect shots. (No RNG or cone of fire,like there is in Call of Duty)

There's also no auto-reload, so you'll have to press the reload button after you've expended your last bullet. I'm glad things work this way.

I also loved the game modes in insurgency. Skirmish,being one of my favorites. I always felt a sense of accomplishment,being the designated bomber, as I dropped an IED on the enemy cache, cutting down their reinforcements).

The night battles, oh the night battles! You'll never find night battles like the ones in insurgency! You've never experienced insurgency if you haven't played the night maps. At night, players can make use of night vision goggles,flashlights,and flare guns.

Nightvision sounds like it'll make flashlights obsolete,but it has it's trade offs. While wearing NVGs, fires, flares, and headlights will appear to be blindingly bright. I've killed many of my enemies just by crouching next to a flaming barrel with my AK. The flashlights allow for quicker target acquisition (being able to see color is a big help), but can give away your position as you'll look like a glowing white dot.

"-this game is the middle ground between complete milsim and arcade shooter"

this, and a more mature community.

I like the intensity. When you're in the middle of the game with bullets flying around etc, it's very immersive.
Sometimes the game can get frustrating for noobs like me, because you don't know where you're being shot from. But that's part of it, you just learn to play cautiously.

Although the OP started this thread months ago and is long gone (doubt he ever was interested in the answers he received) I find it funny that he would come here and ask how others can like the game.

People like this don't get that these features they don't like are the exact reason fans of the first Insurgency liked that game and will likely enjoy Sandstorm as well.

Too slow? We'll, I'm so tired of the twitchiness and super fast pace of most other shooters out there. I actually wish Insurgency leaned more toward the milsim genre and encouraged an even more methodical pace but given that we really haven't had anything close to compare to on console in a long time, I'll take what I can get.

I appreciate that NWI saw value in bridging the gap to console as I truly believe there is a market and a community eager for more milsim-leaning titles here. I hope I:S is successful to the point where other developers take notice and do the same. Hell, maybe even the AAA companies will begin realize (to recognize) that this untapped potential exists in the console market.

I co-sign that, may be because I'm a little bit older to play games now, but it happens that I'm returning from playing ATARI's in the late 80s and the start of 90s as a kid, and I can safely say that Insurgency has brought me back to gaming, and the first thing that got my attention was the lack of a pointer or marker that shows you where your bullets will land, so either you have to aim properly and narrow your vision angle, which imposes on you to take cover not to get shot, or get an instinctive approach in aiming without right-clicking like it happens in a real situation.

The realistic simulation gave me the feeling that I'm not in a fantasy world, which I would've enjoyed if I was younger, but alas!

I would love to see more games taking heed and providing a real-life taste of such combat atmospheres.

I know, I abuse the word "real" here, but that's what made me love the game.

Its like Counterstrike. Slow and Methodical.


Been a gamer myself since the 70s spending many hours in arcades and then with consoles as they became more affordable and mainstream. ....Atari, Intellivision and even an obscure one called the Bally Arcade.

Then came the Commodore 64 that was the catalyst for PC gaming. first real PC I bought myself (when I could finally afford one) had a 386SX processor (the "cheaper" version). I think I paid around $3k for it back then.

I was gaming on PCs from that point on and building my own rigs until the PS3. Been gaming on console since and using laptops for everything else.

I was a big fan of milsim games back then. I really loved the Flashpoint series, flight sims, etc. times.

I like the tension of Survival-Elite.

Just as others have said, it forces the player to think and act quickly and that is what I enjoy.

Outpost has to be a close second for me.

...being basically overran by the enemy from all sides and, again, the intensity this mode brings is unique.

I also like how the zoom appears through the optics. There is a noticeable difference and it’s something you don’t find in many modern FPS shooters.

@redfpsder said in How do people actually like this game?:

The game it self is quite slow

Well, it obviously isn't a full blown arena arcade shooter, but the overall speed is more determined by your own playstyle.
You can play it like R6, or even rush around like it would be COD. Up to you.

@snuffeldjuret we have grown with this game my old friend... hope to see you testin'

INS Mod - Insurgency - (maybe) Sandstorm, never a game made me feel that inmersion; supression fire, teamwork, explosives with trully damage range...

Call me romantic...

This game is not slow, it is pretty fast paced compared to other realistic shooters. Of course, it will not have the same pace as stupid COD. I don't know what you are talking about.

I play Insurgency because Insurgency is the middle ground between Arma and CSGO

Arma = Takes too much time getting to action phase / Too much mobilization / Too much maneuvering over long distances

CSGO = Far removed from realism / No iron sights / No leaning mechanics / No proning / No gun sway

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@OP, Insurgency is more milsim than arcade rail shooter, it's slow in the sense that it's more realistic as bullets kill you relatively quickly compared to games like Call of Duty where in you can soak up bullets like a sponge, you aren't going to rush over a open field in Insurgency just like you wouldn't in a real battlefield without cover; but with that being said it still has arcade elements to make it more appealing to the console crowd and more casual players.

You can go as fast or slow as you want in Insurgency but if you lack the skills to operate quickly and move efficiently then you'll be heavily punished by being on the receiving end of a few rounds to the chest and face, I'm a veteran of the mod so I play rather fast compared to the majority of players i've played with and seen playing even in Sandstorm.

Insurgency games are incredibly fun for me as guns aren't patheticly weak, explosives are deadly and taking advantage of cover and flanks is very beneficial, also being the last man standing and clutching the game by securing the objective is very rewarding, also you can customise your loadout and your run speed is affected by how heavy your loudout is so a fully geared tactical loadout won't be zipping across the battlefield rushing objectives and clearing rooms as quickly as someone with say a light loadout using a shotgun or smg with flashbangs and c4.

You said you like single player shooters but you've not even played the Insurgency Sandstorm single player as it's not out yet, Insurgency began life as a mod called Insurgency: Modern Combat for the half life 2 engine; there was no single player, no bots, only PVP, Insurgency then came out as a standalone game which added bots for PVE as well having the mods PVP modes plus more, Sandstorm is basically an extension but put into a new engine which looks better and should hopefully perform better once optimised, the Singleplayer was added in mainly from what I can tell as a way to draw in those who like a story to follow and to also make the game appeal to more casual fps fans.

One more thing, Insurgency had the steam workshop for mods, I'm a texture artist - I love making mods for games, and I hope Sandstorm has a easy to use modding system that doesn't require "mutators" or "whitelisting".

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@dirtyd said in How do people actually like this game?:

Its like Counterstrike. Slow and Methodical.

It's far from it, CS has guns that don't respect the laws of physics, you get bullets that bounce in the barrel and shoot off in random directions, cs is terrible and also a fast paced arcade shooter.

Why am I not allowed to talk about mods? The game has so many possibilities for the modding community! just like the first one? how can you ask for our opinion and take away one of the things that makes it so wonderful by saying don't talk about its greatest selling point. That's ridiculous...