In all my skirmishes so far the AI has only been what I can descrive as awful. I will outline an average game

Mainly it either runs to another AI character and buffs them with supid buffs that arent relevant, then runs into a corner with no vision/severely restricted vision and overwatches. No attempt to move to the objectives, no attempt to move towards enemy positions.

Another AI move, it will run into melee, hit me once then spend the rest of its points to jump out of combat and then end its turn, like why would this be a good decision by its logic loop???

Occasionally it will take a position and actually shoot me, however this is in the minority of cases and instead of shooting, buffing its AP and shooting some more it will shoot once then spend all its points on silly actions such as buffing characters already taken their turn or overwatching in a corner.

Grenades are about the only thing the AI uses or seems to use fairly effectively.

Overall its the sheer seeming dumbness of the AI thats just spoiling it for me. I cant bear to watch them use an elevator and then just to jump back down again and shoot me with only a few AP points left, like why not just stand still and shoot me?!?! Its as if you've literally scripted them to take preference over ANYTHING OTHER than just shooting or trying to engage in cose combat.

It seems to me the order in the logic is:

buff another char -> run somewhere random -> overwatch in a corner -> last but very much least shoot someone