Xbox 1X Recurring Issues

Over about 10 hours of gameplay I have experienced

  • 4 hard crashes; screen hangs and then the game closes itself, returning me to Xbox home.
  • Every 2-3 matches the game gets stuck in what appears to be a perpetual attempt to save (gear spinning on the bottom right), this will cause the game to hang throughout the match and then never come out of the loading screen after the match is complete.
  • 1 instance where I couldn’t deploy my troops for a base/sector defense mission on Gear Factorum. I tried reloading the match several times, rebooting my Xbox, and ultimately had to forfeit.
  • 1 instance on the fungal collection mission (didn’t catch the map name, apologies, where the objectives simply didn’t appear for the match.
  • My completed story mode chapters are not properly awarding infamy points.
  • I did not receive an infamy point for equipping level 5 weapons, though I have two equipped.

I like this game a lot. I wish it actually worked. Please fix.

  • The problem with Gears Factorum is recurring. I can never deploy troops to defend my base, and must either forfeit the match or abandon the sector.
  • The infamy problem has worsened since yesterday, and now says that I have negative infamy points.
  • Barricades cannot be targeted/attacked with melee weapons.

Not a bug:

  • An option to speed through NPC (AI) turns would be appreciated. Battles with 3-4 gangs take an eternity, and I don’t really need to watch people run in circles and/or use entrenched/overwatch every round.

Hard crash count is probably up to around 16. The game doesn’t like when you try to aim and walk at the same time.

I am at about 7 or 8 hard crashes,and it has only checkpointed me and let me back in where I was twice. I have had 2 of my crashes in story, 1 of them picked me back up right where it crashed, the other didn't. I have only had one crash in an operation game that checkpointed me and brought me right where I was. All my other crashes have ended with basically nothing. I have not been able to advance into an operation at all tonight because the game crashes toward the middle or loot phase of my first match and I am awarded with nothing but wasted time.

As far as freezing on a loading screen I don't even have a number of times it has done it. All in operation and when I have to manually close the game and come back in I am given a message that says I conceited. I get nothing from the match but if I lost something it is gone.

I absolutely love the game when it works, but unfortunately that seems to be rare.