Co-Op Skirmish Crash: PS4: 100% reproducible.

Playing Skirmish in Contest mode
Player and Player vs AI vs AI (2v1v1)
Objective doesn't appear to matter
Map also doesn't appear to matter
When the issue occurred during my turn on my end, I was not actively performing any function, other than turning the camera.

The game has crashed at every attempt to play Co-Op, which is 5 times, 100% reproducible.

I appreciate all the hard work, and the game is still very fun.
But it would be made all the more enjoyable if I was able to successfully complete a co-op map with a friend.



Two more crashes last night in Multiplayer Skirmish.
Single player is great, but now I'm 7 for 7 in crashing when trying to play with friends.
Still have not completed a single Multiplayer Game without a crash.

I've had the same issue on PC. I have yet to complete a map while playing with a friend. The most consistent cause of crashes seems to be using a grenade. Walking around with a skill queued up for use also seems to cause problems.