Operation crashing bug

Platform- Xbox One

Operations Game Mode

After completing the first operation starting another operation begins to constantly crash the game and constantly display the saving symbol in the bottom right. The game tends to freeze completely or crash to title shortly after, if a mission is played the game either crashes during it with constant stuttering and auto saving or will always crash or get stuck/frozen in the loading screen permanently. After reloading back in the Gang reverts back to before the 2nd operation was chosen and removed progress in story mode from being completed to the 14th chapter as well as the extra customization options from completing it.

It’s easily replicated by simply starting the 2nd operation 100% of the attempts I’ve tried, even with a fresh install.

If anyone has a workaround or has faced similar issues any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I this exact issue but on the PS4. Its the main part of the game so its very frustrating. Ive tried 3 different gangs and same thing happens once ive completed my 1st operation. Try to select new operation, choose difficulty, see infamy page for 1sec and ......crash.
In my eyes this needs to be fixed ASAP forget about AI being dumb fix the game so we can actually progress!

Yeah im getting the same issue. Even just starting a new operation makes the save symbol constantly stay on screen, dont even need to start a mission.