AI behaviour

Hi there,

Not sure if this is a bug or not but the AI seems to be glitchy, broken or confused (best desciption I can give) at times. Sometimes it will have 1 more of its gangers hump a wall in its spawn area and go on overwatch/ambush rather then help in the fight.

Other times the AI seems to be running around. Stop at times as if its considering its actions and then double back to do something else.

I have also noticed that whenever a ganger has acces to Chem Synth it seems to completly override any other priorities it might have. They will repeatedly shower themselves and their teammates with the ability, even if it doesent stack (which the tooltip says) and dont seem to do anything at all anymore. Ive tied a ganger up in melee and rather then fight back he disengaged and ran off to go shower some teammates with the buff.

In bigger battles with more teams the AI seems even more disjointed. Sometimes they completly walk past obvious big threats to go do something obscure, often also putting their gangers in risky situations. They do fight eachother but they all move around and act as if every ganger is a scitzofreniac.

If some of these behaviours are intended for lower difficulties to make it easier to defeat them then it might be that. If its not intended it might be a bug?

This game sort of makes or breaks with the IA and in its current state... well. It went so far that on mission 15 VEX reliably bugs out. ATM, it seems to be just random what the AI does, in a bad way. Hope you fix (improve) this obvious issue.

EDIT: Get me right here, some parts of this game are top tier good. AAA stuff, but the AI is either bugged or simply just not developed, which would be strage since in the credits 3 guys claim to work on it.

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@Focus-Dodo no worries. I like the game dispite the many small things. I think if they can be fixed the devs have a great game on their hands 🙂

If it were either the AI or the bugs/crashing I think the players wouldn’t mind so much. But having both makes for a lot of frustration.

Perhaps in the interim, whilst working on a longer term patch for AI, it might be better to use the Mordheim approach of piling into the weakest opponent and giving them full on hurt?