Infamy point reset on PC (steam)

After a momentary lost of internet connection game lost track of infamy points.
Now, after the game connected to steam client it fails to acknowledge all previous achievements

I can confirm it happened to me too (PC).

The game had lost connection, and wasn't able to reconnect, despite internet working just fine.
I wasn't able to choose any infamy perk, even though I had some points (at least from having fielded 5 gangers).

When I finished the operation, the infamy screen became inaccessible again (as, I believe, is intended).
Then, I started another operation, and while I could choose two new buildings, I had no infamy at all.

I don't know if it's related to the lost connection, to the new operation, or whatever. But it looks like a bug.

I followed the games advice and played story mode to completion (all 15 missions) before starting custom gang mode.
I now have credit for only for 1/15 in the infamy section when doing a custom gang.
It would appear that a player has to at least start a custom gang before doing story mode to attain all the related infamy points for completing story mode.

pls fix

I play on Xbox and had 38 infamy but no credit for completing the story mode even though I had. I played back through chapter five to see if it works trigger and it reset all of my infamy...

I had 23 infamy points and now they reset and im at -23. After noticing this I did a operation and noticed that I unlocked things that I had already unlocked before!

Please fix this 😑