Chapter 5 - Is there supposed to be a strategy for winning it

Not sure this is suitable for the Technical Discussion so I'm going to post it here. I mention Technical Discussion because this may be a bug.

I spent most of my evening trying to beat Chapter 5 "All Aboard". For an arena with such a simple premise, I had to repeatedly bang my head against it before winning and I'm still not sure how I did, maybe blind luck. I don't mind it being difficult but I should be learning from every attempt but because the order in which you get access to your characters is preset and having only limited access to your weapons it just seems like you're relying on RNG to win.

Also, and this is a bug, the AI had a habit of running into the fires, jumping up and down from the central platform, running into corners and kneeling even when the could have attacked and even killed my characters. In fact, I think that's the only reason I won in the end, the AI bugged out so much it gave me a chance.

I had a tendency to get my ass handed to me, too, on that mission. Mostly because I entered the "ambush" zone without wanting to (thus offering my enemy a free hit), while getting the first two weapons. And it went downhill from there.

So, to limit the enemy mobility, and force him to come to me, not the other way around, I got on the high ground, in the middle. I also built two health dispensers, there, just in case (one did serve, the other didn't).

Then, it's ambushes, focused damage to take out the most dangerous enemies, and so on. The one with two chainsaws is a high-priority target, considering that he is able to solo-kill one of your guys in a single turn, by chaining his attacks, especially if he can "entrench" (not sure if it's the right name for the skill, converting MP to AP).

When the Champion came out, he was alone against my 4 surviving gangers (yep, still got one down). I think he managed to down another one, before I took him out.

I thought that one was pretty easy actually..

Focusing down 1 warrior at a time is best, and playing abit more defensive with the 1st ganger was enough for me to complete that mission in 1 go. The 2nd one (I think) that you get with the massive 2 hander was my MVP for sure! He hits like a freight train and if you can keep him alive he was knock some heads in!

The med station in the centre can also be a very good boon. I made alot of use of it and those 75 points of HP can stretch a gangers life long enough that they have to focus everything on him to take him out or risk him staying alive.

Turn 1: jump down and go into ambush stance
Turn 2: choose same fighter again, it'll attack second, so you'll get a free use of ambush and then get to swing. If the enemy fighter is still up, finish with your second fighter. Their second fighter will likely jump down and hit hit first fighter.
Turn 3: let your first fighter die or get to health if possible, focus kill another of the enemy. Don't grab the weapons they throw out, loot the dead enemies. It's free ap to search and equip weapons for Goliath
Turn 4: focus kill again, heal and set ambushes
Turn 5: win.

Make sure to kill the fighter with the chain swords and equip those. Lots of damage.

you can check ambush and overwatch range bubble by pointing crosshair at targets and pressing CTRL, or for console not sure which button, but its the vision mode that lets you see crates.

I did it first go maybe it was luck. Take the Small platform of high ground pick up a weapon on the way if you can, go for the closest . The key here is to set ambush you get first hit. Set up near the med stations stay close to them and use them as needed throughout the battle. Let the enemy come to you and keep your fighters together once you get more. Concentrate on taking enemies out one at a time, use all your fighters on one enemy until they’re down and so on. Pick up the enemy’s weapons as you down them and use them against them. Once you have the numerical advantage it’s as good as over.