Bug with Tune Up (Orlock House Variant)

Tune Up is supposed to be a "Self, Allies" support skill, with a range of 10m. However, I often can only Tune Up the ganger using it. I've been able to Tune Up another heavy (not the one using it) with it, at times, but it seems kinda random.

Playing house Orlock, on PC, and the behavior is verified mission after mission... (playing operations, but I highly doubt it has any relevance)

I can assure you the targets I intended to "tune up" were not more than 10m away. They were maybe half that. However, I believe it might be related to a problem due to being at the start of a mission.

As I had submitted this report before my internal cogitator had drawn hypotheses from correlations, I think we should wait for a reply to the other thread 🙂

Did you press Q and E to cycle between targets?

If its at the start of the mission, you cant use skills on gangers that havent had their turn yet. They cant be damaged either because they arent there yet basicly...

Took me a while to figure that out but that sounds like that might be the problem here!

Yeah, I realized that after I had already posted this thread.

I still think that deployed gangers SHOULD be there from the start, but that's not the subject of this thread (but if you think so too, feel free to chime in here: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/53880/gangers-untargettable-before-they-acted-at-least-once )