I found the best armor for left arm: A servo arm !

A Lay Mechanic from my gang got killed on a mission. At the end of the mission, I got his belongings back. Lo and behold, amongst this, I found his Servo Arm. Now, why not, I could sell it to organleggers, or to tech-priests, for it might be more efficient than building one from scratch. Tech-priests DO recycle everything they can, after all.

However, I'm able to use it as a very nice left-arm armor (currently using it on a heavy in my team), which I'm pretty sure is against the lore, and unintended by the devs 🙂

Platform is PC, but I guess it happens cross-platform

Also, I got another item with the icon of the servo-arm (at the same time, from the same dead ganger), but it had no description, and was worth 0. I sold it, so I cannot provide a screen cap or a savegame for it.

No problem, it still makes for an awesome vambrace in the meantime 😉

Came here to post the same thing, but for the grapel from the Deadeye. 1 of them died and I sacked another one when he gained an injury increaseing ranged abilities by 33% (while that was the only thing that he did...) and noticed just now that I have their grapnels sitting in my inventory.