PS4 game breaking bug

After i finish an operation and try to start another one the game says the file is corrupted and it won’t work, this has happened to many times to count. I’ve started 3 gangs because of this and they all end up crashing after the 1st operation I’ve tried everything. I rebooted my PS4, I restarted it, I turned it off and on, I’ve checked for system software and game updates but nothing. I’m gonna be honest this is really starting to get on my nerves, I won’t be playing the game until this is fixed because there’s no point to playing if I’m just gonna waste my time doing the 1st operation only to not be able to start another one

The error code is CE-34878-0 just in case that helps, please fix this as soon as possible because I really want to enjoy the game but right now it’s literally unplayable

Also in the story mode the cutscenes are all out of sync and all over the place

I too got hit by the double bomb / corrupted save file starting Operation #2 (PS4). I’m now staying away from that and working my way through the missions whilst the devs fix things.

Sadly I suspect that this game will need to be shelved for a couple of months until the patches are available ☹

Hi there, sorry to hear you've experienced issues with the game.
We have been notified by the players and devs are aware of this problem and work to fix it up.

Thank you for your information, it will be helpful 🙂 please receive our biggest thanks for this!

Simple fix remove auto save....or at least make it a feature to turn it on enable a manual save feature as the only default option it really makes a lot more sense. Forced auto-save was the worst idea ever. Especially when it impacts all save data for the game.

Same issue here. Wonder how long on a patch. I don’t have it in me to start a new gang knowing this is likely to happen again


exactly. how can i play a game, if i must expect to loose all my hard earned progress due to progressing? wtf

Agreed mate. I’ve stopped playing. I played the original Necromunda board game so I’ve waited 20plus years for a video game only to have it stop working.

People who bought the early bugged version we are currently playing should get some in game compensation.

I stopped playing a few days ago to see how long the Infamy would get fixed. But it doesent seem like that fix is coming anytime soon 😕

Or if it is, they arent telling us 😑

Cant start any new operations even 9n new gangs ffs has anyone got a rough date on the patch yet or should I get a refund?


i asked sony for a refund due to the game being broken. if this crap will ever be sorted out, i will consider buying it again. because in the first place i liked it a lot, otherwise i wouldn't have bought it, clearly. but what was advertised and eventually bought was was utterly different from what was delivered.
it's like a game if it was ordered from wish

They should offer a free DLC package with the next house to get added to the game to be honest for anyone who has it before the bugs were fixed. Otherwise I would personally just ask for a refund.

Same here, I started from the very beginning 3 times but still encountering this issue.
This time I'm smarter, I backup it to the cloud and reload it again, over 40 times still cannot make it.

There was once I successfully jumped to the #2 operation page but then all my infamy points were gone. This is not a small bug, this is a bug stops you from playing this whole game.