Loot focus


When you do a zone and don't encounter another gang, you get the full loot from that zone.

But if you encounter another zone, and win a decisive victory, you get 1 turn to grab as much as you can and if your on the other side of the zone tough cookies?

Surely you should win any loot that the other gangs haven't escaped with. It really takes the focus away from gang warfare to being competitive loot collection. which team is better at picking flowers? The grabbing the loot and running should be a backup plan.

The game mechanics don't reward being the last gang standing, and that is a major disspointment in an otherwise fun game.

It was similar in Mordheim, you'd just get a percentage of whats left. They've kind of separated objectives this time but weirdly, I did a raid on an enemy HQ, instead of killing the last gang member I spared them because the objectives only stated collect the loot so I left the map thinking I'd fulfilled the mission parameters (when good rp goes bad!). Turns out it's still last man standing you just need to end it in a way that means you can pick up anything you're not already carrying on your free turn.

That's just one example taken to the extreme but it's a hollow change, this time rather than rewarding last man standing it rewards the last man standing in the right place. I'm still early days but I've had much greater success in terms of rewards received by making sure everyone who wasn't helping kill the last ganger can reach something In the free turn then by actively playing the objectives during the match.

So far it's seemed like Mordheim with an extra step to profit but I'm only a few hours in there could be alot I've missed. Honestly that & the AI are my only major gripes right now & half of the AI's problem is trying to play the objectives which just turns the skirmish into a fish in a barrel scenario.

I think the way they've been separated has caused some real issues for PvE but looking at it from a PVP perspective it's probably vastly superior. I like the premise behind it, I want to do more than just death matches. As it is now though it's just death match + x instead unless theres a turn limit but even then unless the AI is doing something crazy you'll end it long before that.

If the objective is to collect flowers...you can't expect to win without doing it. You don't win capture the flag games by killing enemies...its the same idea.

That appears to be the problem though, In Necromunda you win every game by killing the enemy. So as I said above but using your analogy, the only difference between Necromunda & Mordheim is that in Necromunda you position yourself to pick flowers before killing the last ganger 🙂 & being a few more operations in even that's becoming less of a factor with buffs etc I've found I can generally get anywhere in a turn.

I lock out the extraction zone on most missions, and wait for them to come to me when they try to escape with the loot. Most of the AI follows and you can pick them off, if its a 3 or 4 way battle, they will be damaged enough to where they die rather easily, and leave the goods close by to grab during that last round.

But I agree, the round limit should apply if nobody has killed all the opposition. If all opposition is dead, you should be able to wander around and extract when done.

Its a close adaptation the tabletop but without a bottletest. The bottletest represented the entire gang legging it while still carrying the items that you picked up. Sometimes you could flee the field and still win on objectives that way. However your guys could lose their cool even when they had the upper hand.

It made sure that just killing everyone could also net you a loss and in a game where powerlevels could be vastly different from gang to gang meant that everyone had a fair shot at winning.

But in this game? Going for kills is alot safer. The maps are so tiny you should be able to pick up enough on that 1 loot round to net you a win, even if you dont pick everything up.

Just picking up more then your opponents net you a win, even if its not by a landslide.

The general strategy i use is ignore crates in the initial turns, with priority given to controlling the extraction points.
I used to focus on killing(with a gang of all deadeyes, it works but its not flexible), but have found its better to take the utility of engineer and sabateur.
Spam barricades and cut zip lines to cut down avenues towards the extraction points is top priority for initial turns. The goal being to let them fight each other as much as possible and when they start to gather the boxes, intercept the carriers with ambush/overwatch in the killzone which your engineer and sabateur have created during the first few turns.
I dont use this for archeotech though, i find its better to entrench the archeotech spawn, build roadflares, barricades and med station and let the brawler(gang leader for Heroic onslaught and Paragon), heavy(Gatling Frenzy to warm the plasma cannon, then single shot for ridiculous crits o.o) and deadeye (Trickshot) murder anyone coming into the spawn. The heavy aura GARRISON is super good, make sure deadeye and brawler have it every turn and they get like 70AP and 80mp every turn with which to murder everything that tries to attack you 😉

I think the general gist that we got to understand is that generaly the lootcrates are the objective and killing everyone is a secondary way of gaining victory. But say there are 5 boxes and a lootcrate and the AI escapes with 2 boxes and a lootcrate he still wins, even if you beat all the rest of his fighters to a pulp 😉