AI seem slow, forgets what they planned to do, and overall have trouble pathfinding(Worse on some maps)

I have spent SEVERAL hours in custom gangs.
I was having alot of fun until i realized when 3 gangs were on the field, the AI just lost it.

A ganger rushes out to do something, very diliblatly... gets to the location... seemingly waits for a second recalculates then runs back to roughly its original location.
Ganger entrenches as there first action wastes some AP and most of there MP recalculates..then just stands there for a good 10 seconds and may or may not just crouch in place.
Ganger spends the whole game running at the wall right behind where he spawned and couches and entrenches, if hes lucky his leader will use a tactical skill to buff him and he will actually do something the next round.
Gang in the light capture game flip 3 lights out of 5 then the last 2 gangers sorta give up and don't leave spawn area.
Ganger attack priority, im not sure if its bad or if its intentionally bad for the difficulty levels.
Ganger runs around map. does one thing runs back.... do something then runs back. all actions don't amount to much and didn't really have much prioritizing.
Ganger places trap, walks over its oh trap immediately after its placement. (I kinda dont think a gang should trigger its own traps but thats just me.)

and this is just the common issues. some times they do things so baffling its hard to describe with out explaining the entire match.

I actual really love this game. its fun. but some times its hard when the AI cant seem to keep its plan strait.

Confirm experiencing this on Xbox, frequent & random

Sometimes they seem actually rather competent. then on some maps they cant seem to figure out what to do about the objective.
some of the worst decision happen if I the player dont approach the objective boxes on the first turn.
they spend half the time running to then then not doing anything about it. then run back towards spawn for no reason.
not even the exit. spawn, in the corner of nowhere.

can confirm on ps4.
it adds, that you have to painfully witness it 100%

New tactical AI issue.
On a resource grab mission, the carryable items were all inside a barricaded area, which I had heavily locked down with overwatch/ambush.
3 of the AI decided to rush for the items, pick up 2 each after taking the damage, and just crouch in the corner for me to kill next turn.

At least I didn't have to chase them back to their deployment area I guess!!

Another curious thing is when they attack my base and are unable to break a barricade to access it to take my resources. Sometimes I break them myself so they can come in and have some excitement.

@JiffybagXL xbox and its frequent. Neeling in a corner. Not leaving spawn point. Running around and ending up where started.

I too have spent hours in operations playing on Normal, and the AI is dumb with a capital D.

I've seen enemy gangers go to a lift, ride it up to the top and then immediately jump from it down to the bottom.

I'm currently stuck on an Operations Mission using the map from Chapter 14 of the Story. This is because the AI has a ganger run behind one of mine stood on some stairs, think better of it and run so there's terrain between them and then does a Charge at that gang member.
When it fails, the AI just sits there and does nothing, for eternity. It won't even relinquish the turn.

I'll see if I can load the video of it.