On what platform did the bug occur?

On which Game mode did the bug occur?

If the bug occurred in Story, on which chapter did it occur?
Chapter/Act 5 (where you play the Goliaths for the first time)

If the bug occurred during a mission, what Objective and Map were you playing on?
Per above and below:

What were you doing before reproducing the bug?
Was on Round 4 or 5, iirc, and was on my last guy in the round (see attached log file). I had downed 2 of the Eschin prior, and one of my guys just went down, when I was targeting one of theirs to try and finish her off. As I was aiming at her, the game suddenly crashed.

Were you able to reproduce the issue multiple time ? If so, does it occur all the time (100%)?
Don't know yet but, this crash has me wondering if I should replay the mission, much less the game, until stuff like this is resolved. I really love the game, its gameplay style, as well as the mechanics and all of the esthetics (music included), but these game crashes are game-breaking imo and makes playing it a waste of time if the game has crash issues, particularly in the MAIN STORY MODE (I haven't even started a gang yet ...).

Summary: This kind of thing should NEVER happen in a released game ... ever. Bugs are one thing, because its near impossible for a game to be perfect, I get that. But game crashes are significantly different and make people just not want to play, because then it becomes a gigantic waste of time when we can be doing other things with our lives.

I beg you to please remedy this situation asap, because I absolutely love the look, feel, and gameplay of this game (loved the table-top version back in the late 90's when I played in a league too) and I missed playing it very much, so when it came out on PC, I was over the moon about it ... and I am quite sure there are many people who feel similarly about Necromunda UW as well. However, that being said, I am putting this down until the crashing issues are fixed. This kind of thing is unacceptable imo, as I can fill my time with other games and real life instead of wasting an hour or 2 of every day, possibly several times a day, playing something that will eventually crash and the previous time becomes wasted.

Sorry for the rant, but I am passionate about games I really enjoy and love, so please get it fixed soon.