Unable To End Royal Rumble When On a Team

My friend and I tried skirmish mode last night vs AI. We wanted to team up for our first match and figure out the game. The two of us managed to defeat the enemy AI gangs, but after that the game just kept going, as we ended our turn over and over.

I assume it was because only one player was allowed to win, but since we were on a team we weren't able to attack each other. The game only ended when one of us forfeited, and therefore injured our gang and lost half the equipment.

Hello Dannimoght,
Not all games modes have the objective of killing everyone, sometimes the objective is to gather resources and escape with it. Do you remember the skirmish game mode you chosed ?

Royal Rumble I believe it is called.

On Royal Rumble there is an objective called "Gather: Salvage Casket". Did you pick it up?

One of my gangers picked up the casket.

All good my man, I just want to enjoy this great game.