Game locks in loading menu after completing mission

Game locks in loading menu after completing mission. During mission there is a lot of game stuttering. As if system resources are being completely used, feels almost like a memory leak.

Playing with 5 Escher gangers against goliath gangers. It happens more against goliath.

I have upgraded my crew to tier 2 and 3 equipment. One of each career. Double melee on most gangers, brute has had both one and 2 hand weapon.

Started after higher an experienced mechanic. I have used several loadouts with her and I am not seeing this happen more frequently with one over the other.
The other change was having injuries. Near death on sharpshooter and megalomaniac on heavy gunner and sabotage person.

If the load screen does complete after stuttering then there is stuttering continued in to the main screen and all other menus. Force close and system reset resolves the problem so it may be something connected to the cache.

On what platform did the bug occur?

On which Game mode did the bug occur?
Operation second stage

If the bug occurred during a mission, what Objective and Map were you playing on?

This has happened on several maps

What were you doing before reproducing the bug?
Completed mission.

Were you able to reproduce the issue multiple time ? If so, does it occur all the time (100%)?

3 out of 5 times.

I am not including a screenshot as a picture of the loading screen will not tell us much.

@creativezombie additional information. If it makes it through the load screen within a few minutes the game will crash.

I am playing on an xbox one x.

I have talked with my son and it is also happening on his Xbox one elite.

Same here 100%! its always between operations. I have noticed that the saving icon doesnt disappear .(Im now in operation 3 ..between 2 and 3 same problem) going offline while playing helped!?!

Hi guys,
Thank you for reporting this issue and we're sorry to hear you encountered such an inconvenience.
Could you please confirm me how many games in Operations you've played with the Gang that is encountering the issue?

Thank you for your report and sorry once again.

Thank YOU for the fast answer :)some few more hints :

14 op missions 2 played sectors, current statistic

last mission 1.op begun stuttering, but completed.
started new sector, tried to choose facilities but by accepting the game froze.
after clearing the cache ive to complete this last mission again

After several console restarts and until it works correctley the saving icon ran constantly

yesterday i wanted to join to 3. op, same infinity saving icon but ive to take my xb offline this time..

This game is unplayable with this bug! I'm on Xbox and this happens around the third mission in an operation each time.

As was said above, the mission stutters throughout (game freezes for 6 seconds or so) multiple times, then after the victory screen, there is a intermediate load screen, like a power console shaped like a skull, with the save indicator (three blocks) constantly running, it never progresses to the next save screen..

Only way past it is to exit to Xbox and start a different game, then go back in. all progress is lost. Really frustrating when you've just spent 2 hours in a mission.

Already corrupted one gang save this way, had to delete and start over.

I enjoy the concept and the game mechanics, but this is sub standard for a published game you're charging money for.

Thank you for your reply, it will be great help to find the issue!
Devs are working on it 👍

If you disconnect from xbox live (go offline) then it works again. I think it must be cos it's trying to save it to the cloud. When it's offline it just saves it to the hard drive and it works fine.

Actually, I spoke too soon. I've just finished that operation and now its happening again both on line and offline. Looks like it's still broken.

@Guestie I have been taking your advice and have had no issues since I started only launching and playing the game offline. Did you by chance launch the game while online before this happened to you again? If not then I'll just have to shelf this until there's a patch. Trying to figure out if cloud saving is the only trigger so to speak.