Xbox One crashes mid match

Both myself and my brother (him 2 times and me once) had our games crash

He crashed playing a solo custom match

2 crashes (one each) of us playing together in 2v2 custom match against AI gangs.

Lose all our loot and exp.. match doesn't count at all..

Please fix this. Its happened on different maps

Once from a grenade hitting 4 characters

The other 2 from just... nothing

Can't level up if we can't finish a match..

Same here (Xbox One). The game has crashed on 3/3 skirmish matches that I played with my friends (1v1v1v1, 2v2 with AI opponents) and on a couple operation games. What's worse is that it happened at least 30 mins into the game and rolled back everything (no xp, no loot). I know it is just the first days and console can be challenging but having game crash 70 percent of the times I play is hardly worth it.