Issues with slowdown during cinematics

I just purchased Necormunda underhive Wars for the PS4. My main interest in all things Warhammer is story. So naturally I was a little disappointed to see that all cinematics I’ve seen so far seemed to struggle with massive slowdown and de-syncing with the audio track, making it impossible to figure out what is going on story wise. Within mere seconds the picture is out of sync with the audio, rendering cinematics broken. I understand that it’s still early on and bugs tend to be a given, however this has caused me to stall my play through until this is patched, as playing through it with broken cinematics is pointless. I kind of regret buying the game at release for full price now. I wanted to support this game as I’m passionate about the source material, but if the game is this glitchy right now to the extent that I can’t even enjoy it I feel more like I’ve given my money for something that I might enjoy at a future date. Not all too happy about that.

l encounter exactly the same issue (among others)playing on my PS4.