Suggestion: Repeatable major "timed" tasks

I really like the Michigan "mega-orders". What I miss: being able to repeat these orders with different trucks.

So rather than a contest with exp and money depending on time, I'd really like to have a timed task with a fixed XP and cash (honestly, I wont even care if there is no XP and cash at all) but getting a time from first cargo loading to "finish". Maybe even intermediate times for subtasks or "miles driven, average speed..."

Rough sketchup: A standard contest with no time limit or a "999 min" for "gold" if you want to keep it simple.

I think these tasks are quite a challenge and you can work out way better the different performance of trucks.

I would also really like having some big contracts being repeatable...
I wouldnt say no to the cash myself, as i'm getting quite low in funds now because always more and more mods to buy and equip xD

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@Tazmanyak said in> I would say no to the cash myself,

I'd welcome the extra cash myself though .... 😎😍


Greedy guys 😉

By the way, if you look at the "goodbye" Screen of the COOPs, you have already some statistics build into the game. I'd really appreciate if the additional major tasks could be repeatable AND you get "miles driven, fuel consumed, recalled, total time" as your additional score information.

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