More texture issues

Goliath NPC gamger is missing skin/shirt texture entirely:20200908132130_1.jpg

NPC gangers are not losing their deployment "ghostly" textures where skin textures should be:

The ganger skin texture not loading persists between battles.

ALL NPC gangers are having issues with their deployment "ghostly" texture remaining instead of their skin textures:

20200908164140_1.jpg 20200908163224_1.jpg 20200908163201_1.jpg 20200908163205_1.jpg

Different issue here. Texture or mesh is missing on male deadeye Orlock model with Shirt 3 selected. The belt/strap is missing a mesh or texture right where indicated.


From the side, you can see that the belt mesh/texture does exist on the edge. Just the top face appears to be missing for a small portion.


l had a texture issue with an orlock spraying me with his acid gun. He rather shot a stream of twisting black rectangles with some colour in it.

I've also seen a brown checkered pattern in place of the actual texture during Chapter 5 when a new character is supposed to be appearing as a grey hologram.