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Some feedback on the PTS v8.2 / PC Windows / EGS / SR Premium. We played together with my friend on Imandra. First, the game is excellent, wonderful, we play together on Spintires then Mudrunner, SnowRunner is just what we've been wanting for years.

Some points for improvement :

  • First of all, we have a brand new problem that we didn't have in the previous versions: when pulling a vehicle with the winch, it now happens that the engine is turned off and the vehicle in the back has the hand brake on.

  • Another point: when I see my friend in his truck driving the crane, it would make more sense for me to see him in the crane cab when he is using it.

  • New problem (I am the host of the game and he is my guest) it happens that when he manipulates a truck with his crane to put it on the trailer, that the wheels start moving, it makes the manipulations much more difficult. You would need a hanging point on the roof to handle it like a wreck.

  • And finally I had a bigger problem during a mission: I had to bring back the plane body in 3 parts to the airport. I spent a lot of time transporting the plane's body, then I brought my truck back to the lake where the wings were. My friend had stored them there by the lake, and when I came back they were gone. In the meantime he had teleported to the garage of the other map, and it is perhaps at that moment that the wings disappeared, in any case we will have to reset the mission and it is a lot of time lost.

This game still needs patches but it will be a great game, thanks for that.

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