Some issues and QoL suggestions (XBOX One X)


  • Y-Axis setting seems to get lost when starting a new mission
  • zoom in stratgy view does not work?
  • during looting, equiping or putting in backpack costs AP. It would be nice to see current AP to plan what to take or not (I see remaining AP when looting boxes, but not when looting enemies)
  • game crashed in mission 3 at the end of the 2nd turn


  • tutorial text in upper right corner is not really noticeable. I missed most text there and never noticed it even changing
  • selecting a character in strategy view should always display the char information, even when behind an obstacle
  • switching through characters in strategy view should highlight the currently selected char in the middle left (party overview?), not only when the actual cursor is on the char (even when the char is behind a wall)
  • character classes should also be displayed as text, it is confusing in the beginning which char is which class
  • unequipping a weapong during loot should not be X button (same as looting items). I did this several times by accident and it always costs AP to undo it
  • there is a "compass" in strat view, but none in game/action view?
  • it is a mystery me to me how and where I can place Pheromone Canisters. They are not really controllable and jump around in strange ways. Really confusing.
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the crash occured when the AI finished it's last move and ended the whole round.

Hope this helps!