Hello Gangers!

Below you will find some questions and files that will help us greatly in fixing any issues or bugs you report. Please try to include all this information in your reports. Thanks!

On what platform did the bug occur?
PC / PS4 / X1

On which Game mode did the bug occur?
Story / Operation / Skirmish vs AI / Multiplayer (Matchmaking/Skirmish) / Hive / Other

If the bug occurred in Story, on which chapter did it occur?
(Chapter 1 to chapter 15)

If the bug occurred during a mission, what Objective and Map were you playing on?

What were you doing before reproducing the bug?
(The more precise you are, the better it will be to reproduce the issue on our side)

Were you able to reproduce the issue multiple time ? If so, does it occur all the time (100%)?

For each bug reported, it would be highly appreciated if you can share any of the files below with us.

  • Logs: You can share with us the Necromunda.log file. Don't relaunch the game before taking the logs, otherwise the logs will be overwritten. To locate the game log files: C:\Users[your computer name]\AppData(*)\Local\Necromunda\Saved\Logs

  • Saves: You can make a .zip/.rar of the save folder. To locate the save folder, with .sav files: C:\Users[your computer name]\AppData(*)\Local\Necromunda\Saved\SaveGames

  • A Screenshot / Video showing the issue will be appreciated and help us reproduce the issue. Using a file sharing site like WeTransfer.com is fine.

  • If you think your issue may be because of a "hardware" issue, you can also share with us your dxdiag. To find the dxdiag, open your windows research bar, write "dxdiag" and open the executable. Click on "Save all information" and share with us the .txt file it made.

  • The AppData folder is a hidden folder by default. To view this folder:
    Open This PC or the File Explorer from the taskbar.
    Click on the View tab and tick Hidden items.

If the game crashed/closed to desktop, here are the additional files needed (+ the one above) that will help us fix the bugs.

  • Callstack: You should have a "Callstack" automatically copied after this happens. Try creating a new .txt file and ctrl+v to reveal the Callstack. Save it and share it with us with the name "Callstack_yourname".

  • Crash files: You can make a .zip/.rar of the crash reports folder. To locate the crash reports folders, with 4 files (.dmp / .log / .ini / .runtime-xm) for each crash: C:\Users[your computer name]\AppData(*)\Local\Necromunda\Saved\Crashes

You can also email us this information at support@focus-home.com

Thanks a lot for your time and sorry for any inconvenience caused by potential bugs.
The dev team will be notified of any issue reported and we will do our best to fix them quickly!

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