Which edition of Necromunda is Underhive Wars?

I have been a Games Workshop fan since I was a kid. Playing 40K as often as possible, loving the over dark feel of the lore and rulebooks baroque (sometimes quite confusing) quitestyle. Some years later I discovered the Blood Bowl video game and dove deep into the titles amazing simple rules and instant gratification that only the digital version of a table top game could deliver. Kudos to Cyanide for not changing the rules there and creating something that applied the actual rulebook from the table top game and became a better set of titles for it. (Still play Blood Bowl 2 all the time) And what we all want in our Games Workshop video games in the first place.

Unfortunately Ive never had the opportunity to play Necromunda. I have always wanted to, but now that the video game version is about to touch down I am looking to do the same here that I did for Blood Bowl and read up on the rules. But im not sure which edition of rules are even in play here or if this even is the board game or something different in function all together.

Does anyone have some information on this?

What edition of Necromunda are we about to be using?

The lore is there, but the game mechanics have been heavily adapted to be "computerized". Do not expect to roll d6 for actions. But, all in all, the game still feels nice.