Question to the developers

I'm creating a mod in which one addon can't work without another. What I need and where to register for restrictions. I assume RequiredAddon is required
There is an addon " roof ", there is an addon "without a roof". They exclude each other.
There is add-on of the lamp, which are placed on the "roof"
If there is a roof, then the lamps are placed. If" without a roof " then the lamps are not put.
The logic is clear
But when I put the lamps with the roof removed, the lamps are put, because the addon "without a roof" is reset"
ENG: in Public Test server, there is an indication of restrictions. I add a restricted addon for example <RequiredAddon Types= "roof01" />
But when you add the necessary module, the game says that there is no necessary module anyway.
How do I pass this on to developers?
RUS: в Public Test server есть индикация ограничений. Я в аддон с ограничением добавляю например <RequiredAddon Types="roof01" />
Но при добавлении нужного модуля игра пишет,что нет необходимого модуля всё равно.
Как это передать разработчикам?
alt text
alt text

I suppose this "required addon" is still a work in progress?
I dont have a single mod that uses that feature atm.

@Tazmanyak this feature is available in one of the standard cars,but it doesn't work on mods.